The ultimate Crypto storage hosting platform

open source

Storij is an open source operating system and a collection of tools developed by Kete Tefid based on Gentoo Linux.

multichain support

Offer your storage to multiple chains instead of only one. Storij currently supports Sia and HyperSpace and other chains are being implemented.

Deploy in minutes

Storij supports bootstrapping the blockchain, but if you would not like to wait for a lengthy verification, you can choose to download a pre-verified layout and start hosting in minutes!

Needs minimal supervision

Storij auto-updates the blockchain software and auto-unlocks your wallet so that your hosting is always available.

Easy customized hosting

You can choose your favorite crypto storage blockchain and do easy hosting management through a graphical user interface. Even upnp is implemented. In the GUI almost every option can be tailored as you wish.

multiple OS images available

As well as the source, multiple OS images are maintained. You can download the VM image and start hosting in a virtual system, or you can directly put the image on any 64bit system and have a dedicated hosting machine!

Download a premade OS image or the source

SHA256SUM:        d2edc08712c47ff160e931525c4b8d6437f1bd955e19607a948b5cb133d728e3

SHA256SUM:        d2edc08712c47ff160e931525c4b8d6437f1bd955e19607a948b5cb133d728e3

Build your own from the source.

About The project

Storij started in 2017 with the name of SiaBerry. An ARM64 image was released and then a WebUI was added. Later someone claimed that a security vulnerability was found in the UI but the PoC was not valid and it was never proved. The project received a donation from HyperSpace developers and also was able to secure 200K USD funding from a reputable crypto company, but after receiving the first part of the funding, my former business partner took the HyperSpace seed and almost all of the fund for himself while contributing nearly nothing.


Despite the experiences, I renamed and rebooted the project under the new name and released the source finally. I have been the only developer of the project and will continue to develop it for the forseeable future.


Please note that no one except me (Kete Tefid) is the representative of Storij. Any data should only be obtained from and

Have questions? Need Help?

If you need help, you can post your question/topic in our subreddit or join our Telegram group. Reddit is preferable as it can help others with the same question/problem later.

Please note that other chains are being implemented but If you would like me to implement them faster, please discuss it by sending an email to kete at this domain.